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In April 1296, 720 years ago, Scots and English forces clashed outside Dunbar in the first battle of the Wars of Independence.

The English were besieging the castle of Dunbar, whilst the Scots loyal to John Balliol wanted to crush their enemy before the main army could arrive under Edward I. The battle that followed was a disaster for the Scots, who were soon broken when they charged into the valley of the Spott Burn. The English king arrived in Dunbar the following day, and with resistance to the invader now broken King John soon surrendered...

JOIN US for a fun family weekend raising awareness of this important but often forgotten battle. Meet the knights and soldiers of "Britannia XIV" and discover what it was like to fight in a medieval battle! Explore their fascinating camp, and maybe even join the army yourself for the day!

There'll be lots of great fun activities, so bring the family!

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