Spreading the Word: Towton and Luss

The Trust has been eagerly accepting invitations to spread the word of our foundation, starting last weekend with a visit to Towton Battlefield Society's annual Palm Sunday event.

Towton 1461 was one of the bloodiest battles of England's history, fought in appalling conditions and securing the throne for Edward IV. The local battlefield group has been doing great work to interpret and promote both the site and the story, so we were delighted to be invited to hold a stall at the commemorations and to swap notes. They are even working on a tapestry, so they had much to discuss with our representative who has worked extensively with the Battle of Prestonpans Tapestry! You can find out about the Towton Battlefield Society's work here:  http://www.towton.org.uk/

Easter weekend saw us out in the field again, this time travelling to Luss beside the glittering Loch Lomond. Here the Earl of Loudoun's Regiment of Foote (part of the English Civil War Society) were hosting a re-enactment set at the time of Glencairn's Royalist campaigns against the Cromwellian occupation of Scotland in the 1650s. Again we had a stall, and our mascot Balliol the Battle Bear was cheering the armies from the sidelines!